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Welcome to McMaster Process Metallurgy group. Our research focuses on the kinetics and thermodynamics of chemical reactions in steelmaking process using modelling and high temperature experimental techniques. We are currently investigating ways to optimize the current practices during steel refining processes and suggest new techniques to produce the third generation steel to help steelmakers address some of the issues in environmental and economic sustainability such as energy intensity, material efficiency and alternative production methods. 

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Kezhuan Gu has studied the dephosphorization kinetics of bloated Fe-C droplet reacting with oxidizing slag using an X-ray fluoroscopy technique. It was observed that due to the internal CO evolution, the swelling behavior of metal droplet has a significant influence on it's dephophorization. This phenomenon helps to understand the refining kinetics of metal droplet in emulsion zone of BOF. 

The work is a pioneer study on the dissolution of calcium aluminate particles in liquid oxide mixtures using the unique real-time observation approach. Experiments were conducted to provide a better understanding of the effects of various steelmaking conditions on inclusion removal during the refinement of liquid steel. 

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